Version 13.0.1 of the Loom for the MAC will be provided with an installation wrapper,
and a simple guide for the administrative user on making the Loom/CDP available to other users on the same machine.


Using the Sound Loom with multiple users on several machines.

Where a group of users have a choice of machines on which to work, they will each need a user account on each machine.
In order to avoid having to log all users onto all machines.... It is wise to keep a backup copy of the most up-to-date version of these 2 files, in case software needs to be reinstalled (or restored from a ghost image) on any machine. If machine software does need to be reinstalled, copy the most current version of these files to the _cdpenv directory on the reinstalled machine.

Using the Sound Loom with multiple users accessing a common network drive.

It is possible for a group of users to work from a common network drive.
However, if all network-drive users decide to work simultaneously (alongside, perhaps, users of other facilities on the network drive), this may cause overload problems.

Recent versions of the Sound Loom are therefore designed such that users who define their Loom directory to be on a network-drive can automatically have their work environment copied from the network drive to the local machine on which they are working, (and then copied back to the network drive at the end of their session).

This means that the user's session will not be delayed or interrupted by other users, as they have sole use of the local machine.

This procedure takes a little (copying) time at the start and end of sessions, but is recommended.